Our Philosophy

Successful kennels depend on repeat business.
It is our mission to ensure that both you and your pets will feel comfortable with the service we provide, and that you will want to use our facilities again.
It is this simple philosophy that directs our efforts.

What 14 years experience has taught us:

Dogs are gregarious animals and love nothing better than a good bark of excitement in chorus with all the others in the kennel. They need activity, interaction and fun in their lives, not squeaky clean isolation from their companions.

Each morning (6:00 am) every dog gets out of his pen into the exercise runs.


Running the "gauntlet" past the other kennels provides excitement for all. Dogs are then returned to their kennel for feeding, with individual supervision where appropriate.

After a quiet period to let the food go down we embark on the "cleaning run". Dogs get out again whilst their kennels are vacuumed and scrubbed where necessary.

During our open times dogs come in and out of the kennels with their owners and this all adds to the fun.

We insist on a quiet time between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm for the benefit of both dogs and staff! At 3:00 pm the fun begins again. In the afternoon we have more time to play with those dogs that require special stimulation or exercise. All dogs are fed two meals a day, early morning and again at the end of the afternoon cleaning session.

The kennels are usually closed down at around 6:00 pm when the dogs, tired after a day of activity go surprisingly quiet overnight. We leave the radio on to blanket out the noises of the night. A good night´s sleep is usually had by all.


Please note that we do not use hoses to clean the kennels. This soaks the kennels unnecessarily and traumatises the dogs. Instead we use wet and dry vacuum cleaners. When a dog goes home the kennels is scrubbed, disinfected and fumigated and allowed to dry in readiness for the next dog.

  • Drop in and visit us during the following hours:
  • Monday - Sunday:
  • 08:00 am - 12:00 noon
  • 03:00 pm - 06:00 pm
  • Give us a call or send an email:
  • Office: (021) 572  4190
  • Cell: 073 255 6667
  • Fax: 0866 844 863.
  • email: bmkennels@iafrica.com


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